Thursday, January 12, 2017

Not their/our brothers' keepers?

I read a number of divrei Torah (discussions of sacred texts or ideas) in the last couple of weeks, and can't remember who mentioned this, but one of the writers made an interesting point--Yosef's (Joseph's) brothers don't seem to have been any more upset about leaving Shim'on behind as an imprisoned hostage than they'd been about selling Yosef into slavery.  (I'm generally known for not being fond of most midrashim, but I did write one myself some years ago--see Shim'on here. Remember me?)

What about us, today?  Are we our brothers' and sisters' keepers?  How can we help refugees without harming our own country?  What will we do for our family, friends, and other fellow Americans if the time comes when only the wealthy can afford to stay healthy?  I wish that these questions were simply matters of idle speculation, but, unfortunately, they're not.


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